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Let our certified ergonomics specialists measure and improve your processes.
We produce Force Sensing Gloves for accurate measurements of the total range of hand forces in your workplaces.

How our solutions can transform your business

Workplace Ergonomics

  • Enhancing employee comfort
  • Minimizing health risks

MTM Standards

  • Streamlining processes
  • Globally recognized validity
  • Objective approach to work measurement


  • Improving efficiency
  • Cost reduction
  • Eliminating waste

Development and production of measuring instruments

We have been manufacturing ergonomic measuring instruments since 2009.

We produce tailor-made devices that take into account individual customer requirements such as

  • Type of sensors,
  • Quantity and location of sensors,
  • Touch area properties
Time standards table

Time standards MTM

  • We are a certified supplier of the world’s most widespread human work measurement system using predetermined times.
  • It is possible to use MTM already in the process of production planning. It serves to standardize and optimize processes, determines the workplace and workflows while allowing staff planning and cost control.
  • Ergoconsult, s.r.o. offers you implementation of MTM subsystems in all types of production (MTM-1, -UAS, -MEK, MTM-LOGISTIK).

Fast ergonomics screening MTM-EAWS

  • MTM-EAWS is the latest development in the field of ergonomic assessment tools built on the pillars of current EU legislation.
  • The assessment reliably reveals any workplace running the risk of biomechanical damage to health and provides the possibility offlexible testing of remedial measures, even at the planning stage of production.
  • The method is intended for all areas of job production, batch production and mass production. The assessment is advantageous thanks to the possibility of a direct link to MTM time methods, e.g. MTM-1 or MTM-UAS.
*Table summarizes individual risk areas of the assessment, relevant standards and evaluation tools
Fast ergonomics screening

Voices of satisfaction from our clients

ERGO Gloves for measuring the force moments of the palm and fingers are an excellent tool for ergonomic optimization and elimination of the risk of occupational injuries or diseases. We tested them in a number of ergonomic audits and studies, and the results of the measurements always helped us to reveal critical points and find suitable solutions to reduce the load on the upper limbs of production workers.

Lukáš Šoltys

Director of PREMEDIS s.r.o. Chairman, ČES, z. s

We have very good experience with the company ERGO. The company was able to react flexibly to changes in our production plan, so we were able to fit measurements using gloves exactly according to production. Thanks to the gloves, it was possible to measure forces that would be practically impossible to measure with a classic force meter (even including force curves). Great advantage of measuring gloves is also that the measurement will limit ongoing production only minimally.

Marek Přibyl

SPS Methods - WP/SY1-PIX Schaeffler Production CZ s.r.o.

Given that we are a company where the nature of the work is "only" about the upper limbs, we wanted to find out what kind of load on the upper limbs we are talking about. We contacted ERGO and I must say that we were very satisfied with how quickly and professionally we got to measured values.

Mária Stanová

Head of production MAGNA Slovteca s.r.o.

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