Production of measurement gloves


We have been manufacturing ergonomic tools since 2009…

Productivity and ergonomics


A certified supplier for standardization and ergonomics…

Measurement of process forces


Upper extremity and whole body forces…

Forces Sensing Gloves

We produce Force Sensing Gloves for accurate measurements of the total range of hand forces in your workplaces.

Workplace Ergonomics

Does your company need help from an ergonomist? We offer ergonomic audits and consultancy.

MTM Standards

Are you looking for a certified supplier of work standards? We standardize production and logistical processes.


Do you wish to lean your production or make your processes more efficient? We can help you eliminate waste.

Development and production of measuring instruments


We have been manufacturing ergonomic measuring instruments since 2009. We mainly focus on job production of measurement gloves and single-purpose ergonomic measuring instruments. In addition to standard models of measurement gloves designed to measure forces, we also produce tailor-made devices that take into account individual customer requirements (type of sensors, quantity and location of sensors, touch area properties, individual software etc.)


Time standards MTM-1, -UAS, -MEK, -LOGISTIK


We are a certified supplier of standards and time studies based on MTM. MTM is the world’s most widespread human work measurement system using predetermined times. It is possible to use MTM already in the process of production planning; it serves to standardize and optimize processes, it determines the workplace and work flows while allowing staff planning and cost control.

Ergoconsult, s.r.o. offers you implementation of MTM subsystems in all types of production (MTM-1, -UAS, -MEK), including an additional tool for logistics standardization (MTM-LOGISTIK).

Ergonomics fast screening MTM-EAWS


MTM-EAWS is the latest development in the field of ergonomic assessment tools built on the pillars of current EU legislation. The assessment reliably reveals any workplace running the risk of biomechanical damage to health and provides the possibility of flexible testing of remedial measures, even at the planning stage of production. The method is intended for all areas of job production, batch production and mass production. The assessment is advantageous thanks to the possibility of a direct link to MTM time methods, e.g. MTM-1 or MTM-UAS.

The following table summarizes individual risk areas of the assessment, relevant standards and evaluation tools:


Improving ergonomics and health protection


Provided services:

  • Professional assessment of the ergonomics of a workplace
  • Screening of physical workload and ergonomic risks
  • Drafting remedial technical and organizational measures
  • Assessment of compliance of workplaces with current legislation
  • Measurement of forces and physical factors


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